Rockwell-Inspired Covers

From the late 1930’s through the early 1950’s, Norman Rockwell lived and worked in Arlington, Vermont. He was part of a thriving artist colony that included several other Saturday Evening Post illustrators, including Gene Pelham – who founded the Vermont News Guide!

I feel very honored to be the Publisher of the Vermont News Guide – and to continue to celebrate the best of our community.

One might argue that it is hard to celebrate right now. Fear and isolation are certainly driving our society.

But I disagree.

During World War II, Rockwell and his colleagues – week after week – managed to capture moments of humor, tenderness, and joy in their illustrations. Even Rockwell’s famous “Four Freedoms War Posters” did not showcase the military. Rather, they showcased a family Thanksgiving and parents tucking their children into bed at night.

The War was on, but moments of love and compassion were still ever-present in the day-to-day.

Like Rockwell and his colleagues, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to keep hope and optimism alive during this trying time.

And like Rockwell and his colleagues, I receive tremendous inspiration from my friends and neighbors.

Rockwell famously used his Arlington neighbors as his models. Those same “kid models” are STILL our neighbors today!

The cover of this week’s Vermont News Guide is inspired by a tender moment I personally witnessed as our very own Art Director, Len Kenyon, held his son, Jack. His wife, Kelsey, looked on.

So – yes, it is a strange time in our universe – but there is still cause for celebration.

Love and compassion are still evident as ever… if we all just pay attention.